Blog writing


The online conversations you have with your audience.

If you’re serious about succeeding online, your website needs a blog

Original, interesting and relevant content is essential for growing your business online for four very important reasons.

1. They build trust and rapport and can give you important feedback about your products and services.

2. They’re great for SEO and driving new traffic to your website.

3. They can spark new ideas for future blog posts or products.

4. They let your audience know you’re still there.

No matter if you’re after a series of articles or a single post, get in touch to discuss what you have in mind.

I’ll tailor a package to suit your blogging needs.

What you get when I write blogs for you

  • Unique, engaging, shareable content that’ll have people coming back for more
  • Well researched, SEO friendly articles and blog posts
  • Average post length between 800 -1200 words (longer or shorter articles are no problem)
  • Snippet preview, image alt texts, descriptions ect. are all included
  • Topic ideas and pictures sourced if required

It has been a pleasure to work with Josh.

He was very dedicated to my needs and took the time to understand exactly what I needed from his writing services. I was impressed with how much effort Josh invested to familiarise himself with my problem and how well he was able to write what I needed in a clear, succinct manner that got results.

In short, he took what I was saying and turned it into what I actually wanted to say, and in such a way that really appealed to my readers.

Thanks so much Josh, I gladly recommend your services to others!

Vanessa Stark

Academic - Germany

I've known Josh since the beginning of 2011. He is highly reliable and dependable, and a hard and efficient worker who can deal with high pressure and demands.

Matthias Schroll

Design Release Engineer, Opel (during my time as a design engineer)

It’s always a pleasure and a relief to work with Josh on my projects.

I’ve known Josh since 2015 and he has never failed to provide me with a highly professional and timely support when I have asked for his assistance completing important projects or tasksHe has a passion for ensuring that everyone he works with achieves their goals. Indeed, his support and help has been instrumental for me achieving my professional goals. 

Also, the great work he does has helped me develop and improve my writing and communication skills which are considered fundamental in my career. I am excited to continue working with Josh in the years ahead and to experiment with new ideas and strategies that could help me growing even further in my field. This because Josh is such a wealth of knowledge in a lot of different fields.

I highly recommend him.

Roberta Carluccio

Academic - Italy/Australia

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