NED Volunteering Project Info Flyer


Mireia Sánchez Gaya


Project overview

Poverty, poor health and hunger are just some of the serious problems plaguing many parts of Africa. Which is why foundations like NED and volunteers like Mirea are working tirelessly to help the people is these area have a better quality of life. But they can’t continue their work with out the the help from donations from others.


Project description

A social media flyer to raise awareness of Mireia’s volunteering project for the NED Foundation in Zanzibar. It was important to communicate:

  • What the NED foundation is
  • Who Mireia would be helping
  • Why they need help
  • How people can donate money to help


Project Details

Date: 2019

Client: Mireia Sanchez Gaya

A real pleasure to work with.

Josh understood from the very beginning what was needed and exceeded our expectations on delivery. His communication was flawless and professional.

Mireia Sánchez Gaya

International Key Account Manager, Export Manager

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